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    Sponsor A Child
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    LIght Africa Academy
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Sponsor A Child


Our People
Pray for our people to love God and one another. Pray that they read the Bible, pray, fellowship, and join ministry to serve God.

Our Community
Pray that jobs and sources of income are created for our congregation. Pray that God lifts the community and that all workof the enemy in the shrines and false gods will end.

Our Children
Pray that God supplies their needs. We want to see 200 more children sponsored in 2011-2012.

Our Leaders
 Pray for love and unity among our leaders, and that God would help them be good shepherds. Pray also for more full-time leaders and volunteers to rise up and for God to provide a way forthese people to be taken care of. We have an administrator, janitor, and security person but would love to expand our staff.

Our Land
Pray that God allows our land to grow so we can have space to build schools, for Bible study, other ministry, parking, etc. We believe God can help us get the land surrounding the church.