Sponsoring a child is one of the best ways you can help Africa to develop. A lot of money has been given to Africa in aid but has been mis-spent through corruption and a lack of accountability. When you invest in a child’s development, it lasts a lifetime and can never be taken away from them.

When you sponsor a child through Light Africa, 100% of your support goes directly to your sponsored child. This pays for their tuition fees, a daily meal (sometimes the child’s only meal) and helps to pay for school uniforms and medical expenses.

Light Africa strives to develop the whole child – mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

For a primary school student, sponsorship is $36 per month.
For a secondary school student, sponsorship is $51 per month.
For a college/university student, sponsorship is $101 per month. (consider co-sponsoring a college student with a friend).

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