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Sponsor A Child

Child Sponsorship & Development

Click here to sponsor a child.
Click here for our child sponsorship FAQs.

Our child development programme is concerned with the holistic development of the child and to prepare them to be better Christian leaders.

Much of the money raised through the child sponsorship program goes towards paying school fees for children to go through their primary, secondary and tertiary education. We also aim to provide informal education experiences for children by exposing them to professionals in different fields like medical, banking, teaching, law, ministry…

At school, they provide a daily meal for all children and for some it may be their only meal of the day. We also provide meals for children at Church especially during Holidays and center day meetings.However, we also encourage children to participate in sports, teach them nutrition and hygiene and encourage preventative health care.

As a Christian organisation, the spiritual development of the children is important to us; The children are exposed to Christian environments where they grow in Christ’s likeness. We encourage them to attend church, small groups for fellowship, Bible study, owning and having access to a Bible as well as reading it.

Medically, the children are given regular health checks and treatment within affordable means every year. We have also begun providing vitamins for the children which has led to an improved general health of the children.

Social and emotional development is also important, encouraging children to love themselves and love others, developing healthy relationships with their families and other people.

Light Africa takes a different approach to child sponsorship/child development compared to other child sponsorship models in that, it is done in conjunction with the nurturing environment for the child where possible. Focussing on the family affects all of the children rather than just one. We try to affect all of the nurturing environments of the child – church, family, school & peers.

Apart from attending school, our sponsored children are involved in key activities like annual camps, VBS, study tours, community service, ministry in a local church… In hope that whatever they are involved in will holistically develop them as well as changing their environments for the better and to the glory of God.