Amani Tailoring School

Uganda is one the poorest nations in Africa. Unemployment is over 70% and the educational system is very inadequate. Education comes in many forms and vocational training can be as valuable as formal education. In this ministry we create opportunities for people to learn skills and create their own jobs. This helps not only fight poverty but people also gain self-respect. Families are then able to take care of themselves and their children. We believe that this is the only way to help Africans become self-reliant. Current vocational trainings include: tailoring, making crafts, welding, and hairdressing.

Currently, we have begun a tailoring school and graduates a given sewing machines at a subsidised price so that they have a livelihood and can look after themselves and their families.

However, our dream is to open a proper vocational school where people can be taught skills such as welding, tailoring, bricklaying, woodcarving and carpentry, electronics, plumbing, food processing along with the necessary entrepreneurship and financial management skills to run a business.